....Changqing University City

Location: Changqing, China
Year: In Progress
Area: 260km²
Contribution: Masterplan and Industrial Positioning

Most great universities exist in exceptional towns and cities, and in fact the two are synonymous: Cambridge UK and USA, Oxford, Beijing University.  When Changqing University City was built in the 2000’s, it included 11 universities, each with strengths, character, specialties in a beautiful setting, but without a town. Consequently, these universities and their students have been isolated from one another and the larger area of Jinan.  Students stay in their campuses, and there is little social and cultural life.

The purpose of the Changqing University City masterplan is to fill in the missing pieces, creating a town with shopping, services, entertainment, jobs, industries and life, not only in between the campuses, but also by transforming the campuses themselves. Through the proposed 1.0-0.1 policy, universities are richer programmatically, intensify their current usage, and the transition between urban and private spaces is rendered seamless. Using a digital management platform, an open, shared and innovative community space is created.

Critical to the plan is not only attracting new industries into the mix, but also to grow start-ups and new companies from the bottom up —on campuses and in urban clusters, where life and production and jobs can be integrated.  This is what has been done here at MIT in the surrounding biotech cluster  — and is exactly the kind of environment that will attract and hold young talent students —  — to stay and live in Changqing —which is critical to making a prosperous innovation economy.

Collaborator:  Mobility in Chain / BCG..



大部分优秀的大学都存在于大城市和城镇中。事实上,两者相互依存,例如:英国和美国的剑桥,牛津,北京大学。 2000年长清大学城建成之时,它包括11所大学。他们环境优美、各有优势、各有专攻,但并没有形成与之相关的城镇。因此,这些大学和他们的学生彼此孤立,并与大城市济南隔绝。学生留在校园里,缺乏良好的社会和文化生活。



合作:Mobility in Chain / BCG....