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2020 - Shenzhen-Hong Kong, China


Year: 2021
Location: Dongtai, China
Area: 400Ha
Contribution: Masterplan and Urban Design
Award: Winner
Collaborators : Shanghai Pudong Urban Planning & Design Institute

Dongtai Health City is an award-winning project that expands the definition of health in a post pandemic world. 

Out of 80 applicants, Tekuma Frenchman was selected first place for its proposal. 

Health-related design are re-shaping our environments, lifestyles, economies and communities. New generation of urban residents are yearning for more sustainable, ecological and healthier living & working lifestyles.

Located next to the world natural heritage Tiaozini wetland in China, Dongtai is a unique city where land and ocean integrate. The coastal wetland park has become the roots of Dongtai’s health community and the image of the city draws on the essence of nature.

In the image of a tree, a new healthy city grows and matures. Dongtai’s urban development strategy is unconventional. Its growthf ollows nature’s morphology. Introducing world-class ecological amenities into the site. By naturalizing fishponds into wetlands, it links the ecological heart of the site back to the sea.

The start area forms a comprehensive node of 400 hectares within the masterplan, housing health anchors and healthy residential communities. A medical mall, large hospital, health research campus, conference center, nursing home, elderly university, and transit hub are organised along a riverfront park, the living lab. Two new junctions with G228 linking the site back into the surrounding fabric are lined by major health anchors. Dongtai Health City will continue to flourish, harbouring people and nature.