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Year: 2011
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Collaboration: Mit Senseable City Lab & Partner, Carlo Ratti Mit Senseable City Lab / Mic – Mobility In Chain / Arup / Accenture / Engram Srl / Fundacion Metropoli / Studio Fm Milano.
Email: [email protected]
Located in Guadalajara, the country’s second largest city, Ciudad Creative Digital (CCD) aims to create a hub for the digital media industry within Mexico – From TV, cinema, and advertising to digital animation, interactive multimedia and e-learning. CCD will be the home to Mexico’s ‘Silicon Valley’.
Guadalajara Ciudad Creativa Digital, a vision for a new digital and creative cluster, is a strategy led by Mexico’s Federal Government, and supported by Jalisco and Guadalajara State and Municipal governments, regional high-tech clusters and universities. Invited for his expertise on the design and development of digital media and creative cities and digital public realm, Dennis Frenchman lead the selection of the site, development of strategic guidelines, and urban design of the project.

Unique Solutions

  • Lead the selection of the site, with the CCD development to be located around the Parque Morelos. This park would be preserved and revitalized as the centerpiece of the project in the heart of downtown Guadalajara.
  • Proposed a mixed-use mid-low courtyard typology which would integrate existing buildings to high-rises. Low-rise blocks are incorporated with higher-density towers within the urban block.
  • Developed catalyst projects that include a ‘Digital Creative Accelerator & Pedestrian Connector’, a ‘Calle Cabanas Creative Hub’, and a new vision for the ‘Ingenium Campus’