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Year: 2017
Location: Jinan, China
Collaboration: Mobility in Chain
Email: [email protected]
The city of Jinan is the capital city of Shandong province with 5 million residents living south of the Yellow River within the urban area. The city initiated a strategic new development North of the Yellow River to host another projected 3-4 million residents, and requested a conceptual masterplan and urban design guidelines.

Unique Solutions

  • Identified the Yellow River as a ‘seam’ to connect both the north and the south side, by integrating the river as a ‘National Park’ at the center of the city.
  • Proposed four urban clusters themed Health & Wellness, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Robotics & Agile Logistic, Culture & Lifestyle, with generous green spaces acting as buffers between the four clusters.
  • Developed a 40km-long Agile Logistic Corridor combining manufacturing, fulfillment and distribution for value-added service, elevating Jinan as an innovative regional logistic center.
  • Leveraged the water resources and its cultural value to the city, and proposed a New Daming Lake as the centerpiece of the new development.