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Year: 2020
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Area: 18.2km²
Contribution: Masterplan and Urban Design
Award: Top 6 Finalist
Collaboration: Eowon Architects, Level Infrastructure, Skymind, Pearl River Hydraulics Institute, Insignia Worldwide

Together with local partner EOWON Architects and engineering firm Level, Tekuma Frenchman was shortlisted in January 2020 for the land reclamation masterplan Penang South Island (PSI) jointly organised by the Malaysian Institute of Architects (Northern Chapter) and the Board of Architects. Also involved in the project was the Zhongjiang Hydraulics Institute, branding agency Insignia, and Skymind on the integration of AI into the city infrastructure.

The other four shortlisted consortiums included Foster + Partners (UK) with GDP Architects Sdn Bhd; UN Studio (Netherlands) with Architects 61 Sdn Bhd; MVRDV with aLM Architects; and Bjarke Ingels Group (Denmark) with Hijjas Architects and Planners which was awarded the first prize and project contract.

“ The objective of the masterplan is to strengthen this ecosystem, not degrade it. Any land reclamation project stands to disrupt the ecology and inhabitants of the sea and the land —the fish and the fishermen communities.” By adopting the principle of resilient place-making, society, nature, infrastructure and economy can thrive in unity adapting to global environmental change, while creating a unique urban setting that celebrates local culture encouraging innovation and growth. Translating that principle into design moves, a key element of the design was a tidal basin that injects clean water into the system, powered by the natural energy of the sea. The basin is both a hydraulics and a place-making solution, creating a lively harbour for the fishing communities, residents and visitors.