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Year: 2019
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Collaboration: McKinsey & Company, JLL
Email: [email protected]
Tekuma Frenchman provided a strategic vision to guide the spatial planning of the city and develop urban design guidelines at different scales to support the vision for 2050. City real estate data, contextual legal compliances and infrastructure assessment were provided by consortium members. Tekuma Frenchman was then mandated to identify with the client the urban challenges and objectives, design a strategic vision, and produce guidelines at regional, city and neighborhood level.

Unique Solutions

  • Designed a spatial planning strategy for the city, identifying the special streets and nodes which would act as catalysts for the vision and future masterplans.
  • Developed a mixed-use mid-low development typology with different variants to tackle the urban sprawl afflicting the city. The variants of each typology included ownership and privacy, housing types and distribution of uses.
  • Identified four types of neighborhoods and design guidelines unique to their functions and roles within the greater city to support the overall vision. Benchmarks for developments, innovative mobility solutions and public realm strategies were drafted for each neighborhood.