Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Year: 2009
Area: 30 ha
Contribution: Public realm and media master plan

Twofour54 has the goal of becoming the center of media content and production for the
Arab world. The project includes an integrated set of production facilities, support services,
education and training, as well as venues for public interaction. It aims to develop indigenous talent and enterprises, building a media industry from the ground up, as well as to attract global media companies to Abu Dhabi.

Dennis Frenchman played a central role in the original conception of the project, including key programmatic and design principles, which shaped subsequent development. As part of this process, which extended over several years of involvement, he helped to analyze alternative sites for Twofour54 and prepared a conceptual master plan for its development on Mina Zayed Pier.

In concert with Michael Joroff of MIT,Alexis Sanal and Downstream, he prepared the Twofour54 Public Realm and Media Masterplan, which detailed key activities, public places, and production venues along a central spine connecting all elements of the project. Included were venues for experimental production and education, shops and restaurants, public interface with studio activity, entertainment and social life, and major office and production spaces.

Collaborators: Michael Joroff / Alexis Sanal / Downstream. ..




丹尼斯教授是创造项目概念的核心人物,他为项目发展提供了主要的方案和设计原则。同时,他研究了2454的场地可行性并且发展了Mina Zayed码头的概念规划。 与麻省理工大学的Michael Joroff,Alexis Sanal以及Downstream一起,他完成了2454的公共领域和媒体规划,将核心活动、公共空间和生产场地用中轴连接起来。场地内部的元素包含生产试验和教育的场地、商店和餐厅、工作室与公共界面、娱乐和社交生活以及主要的办公和生产空间。

合作:Michael Joroff / Alexis Sanal / Downstream....