We envision

a new city shaped for today and the future.
A model that is backed by technology, research, and culture. 

Layers of information networks and digital connections blanket our cities. With the advancement of technology and the increasing rate of digital natives, our urban areas are out-of-sync and dated. They have been conceived on a model before the internet existed. The way we re-imagine our built environment is critical: it will impact the lifestyles of millions. With the unprecedented number of people living in cities, the opportunity is greater than ever to challenge and rethink the spaces that will house future generations. Most firms operate at a corporate level creating a one-size fits all model which worked in the last century. In the meantime, there is ground-breaking research and innovation being conducted across labs but remain trapped within the realm of academia. We operate as a design platform, an urban laboratory that connects cities with world-class research labs out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop ideas, concepts and tools to make cities perform better and accelerate towards a city for the future. ..


我们设想一个塑造今天和未来的新城市。 一个由技术,研究和文化支持的模型。 


a multidisciplinary collaboration

a multidisciplinary collaboration