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Tekuma Frenchman is an international urban design and innovation office based in Boston, USA with a branch in Dubai opening soon. Building on Professor Dennis Frenchman’s research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his past work, the office is currently involved in many projects across the globe, embracing every scale of intervention – from planning cities for millions in China to art and cultural installations in America. Our expertise lies in the application of digital technology to city design through cutting-edge research that emerges from MIT. Thus, creating a 21st century city where innovation and the digital economy thrives. 

Some of the firm's notable achievements towards smart cities, innovation districts and media-scale oriented projects include Seoul Digital Media City in Korea, the Digital Mile in Zaragoza, Spain, Media City: UK in England, Twofour54 in Abu Dhabi, Medellin Innovation District in Colombia, Jinan New District in China and Ciudad Creativa Digital, Guadalajara, Mexico. 




Tekuma Frenchman是总部位于波士顿的国际城市设计与创新工作室。

依托于丹尼斯法兰奇曼教授40余年的实践与教学经验,以及麻省理工学院雄厚的研究实力和人才基底,Tekuma Frenchman的创立基于一个简单的愿望:将国际化、前瞻性、创新性的理念、观点、技术与积淀多年的城市设计和规划经验相结合,服务全球,创造21世纪的未来城市。

Tekuma Frenchman的一些在智慧城市、创新区和数字化城市方面的成就包括韩国首尔数码城、西班牙萨拉戈萨的“数字一英里”、英国媒体城、阿布扎比2454、哥伦比亚麦德林创新区、济南携河北跨和墨西哥瓜达拉哈拉数字创意城。