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A Blue Engine for Baie de Cocody
Culture, Nature, and Community: urban planning for Jianhu Lake
Development strategy of waterways with traditional architecture
A 3D water planning strategy leveraging the natural terrain in Chongqing
A new tourism transit hub surrounded by wetlands
Developping "Resilient Island" clusters
Reinventing the "Wall Street" topology in nature
An linear water-oriented innovation hub
Sustainable and healthcare-oriented new town development
An open-museum design
A multifunctional complex to bridge two cities
A modular hospitality campus in Saudi Arabia
An infinite loop for ideation, entrepreneurship and commercialization
Asia’s largest high-tech complex
Underwater development in Xiaomeisha’s coastal zone
A transit-oriented green science district in Shenzhen
A “Special Ecological Zone” development model
Sustainable man-made archipelago
Urban initiatives for growth and economic diversification in KSA's Eastern Provinces
Planning and development strategy to tackle urban sprawl
Landmark competition for the iconic Dubai Creek Tower
The living edge and return of mangroves in Shenzhen
A sustainable grid development for the regeneration of fishponds
A new hub in Shenzhen for arts, media and tech
Creating a cultural network throughout the Knowledge Economic City (KEC)
Co-living competition proposal
Expanding South Jinan to the North of the River
Urban strategy consolidating 12 universities into an education town
The smartest new district in Colombia
A hub for the digital media industry within Mexico
The first global zero-carbon urban development
A world-class hub for the creative and digital sectors
Media and technology district in Spain
Award-winning statewide heritage planning system