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2020 - Shenzhen-Hong Kong, China


Year: 2021
LocatIon: Western Chongqing, China
Area: 1.8km with a detailed area of 60 hectares
Contribution: Masterplan and Urban Design
Award:  Fourth Prize
Collaborators: CSWADI

Tekuma Frenchman together with local partner CSWADI was selected to deliver a schematic design for the Planning and Phase I of the Financial Street, Western (Chongqing) Science City, in central China.

The Chongqing Fintech competition was the opportunity to reinvent ‘‘Wall Street’’, a spatial typology that we are familiar with in the 20th century. Instead of celebrating big financial institutions, Tekuma Frenchman saw the future of a finance street as a melting pot that integrates small and big, city and nature. Truly taking finance as a tool to empower companies across all stages: startups, SMEs and the established, to grow and accelerate, encourage knowledge exchange, promoting continued learning. It’s especially important and interesting to see the birth of such place in a nature setup, surrounded by mountains and lakes, where all the story begins.

Six core elements that shapes a future oriented finance district were identified: Financial R&D Platform, Communication & Exhibition Platform, Strategic Planning Services, Technology Support, Cultural Facilities and Enterprise Services. These were carefully deployed into the architectural and planning design.