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Eco Science City


2020 - Shenzhen-Hong Kong, China

Eco Science City

Year: 2022
LocatIon: Yixing, Jiangsu, China
Area: 55km²
Contribution: Masterplan and Urban Design
Award: First prize
Collaborators: Urban Planning & Design Institute of Southeastern University

Tekuma Frenchman together with local partner GZPI was awarded the later stage development of the concept masterplan, after competing along with six other consortia to deliver a schematic design for the Strategetic Planning and Urban Design of Beibei Science City, in Xiema, central China.

A three-dimensional water strategy becomes the development framework, working with the natural terrain of the mountain city, its platforms, valleys and stunning ridges. Guided by wind corridors and streams, microclimate valleys and hilltops are identified to create a beautiful setting of mountains and rivers.

Beibei was traditionally the spiritual birthplace of Chinese poets such as Lu Zuofu, Tao Xingzhi, Yan Yangchu, who imaged here the future of their homeland. Today, a scientific and innovative community will thrive in the 21st century Beibei. Working within the national positioning for the area and to better tackle a large area, twelve urban scenes were proposed for Beibei, supported by a comprehensive set of catalyst projects and strategies. These worked across urban design, resource management, real estate products, industrial investment, implementation, and operation.