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2020 - Shenzhen-Hong Kong, China


Year: 2020
Location: Shenzhen-Hong Kong, China
Area: 1.7km²
Contribution: Masterplan and Urban Design
Award: Second Place
Collaborators : InGame and Shenzhen Integrated Transportation Design Institute
Tekuma Frenchman was selected as top 3 with MVRDV and Zaha Hadid Architects  to pursue a science city masterplan, the future flagship border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It was awarded unanimous first place by a jury of international experts and local planning authorities. 

Unique Solutions

  • A three-layer infinite loop as the heart and spatial structure of the masterplan. The loop is inspired by MIT’s own infinite corridor and is composed of three types of scientific spaces (1) Idea Space where the community of researchers come together, (2) Lab Space where experiments and equipments are held, (3) Incubation Space where innovative products can be commercialized for the market with the support of established industries.
  •  A flexible and sensible phasing plan which rigorously followed land acquisition constraints and worked hand in hand with the structural requirements of laboratory buildings, providing an highly implementable masterplan.
  • An innovative centralized underground waste-water management system to treat output from biotech research which supported a central green space above.