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Year: 2018
Location: Shenzhen, China
Area: 7.44km²
Contribution: Masterplan and Urban Design
Award: 1st prize competition
Email: [email protected]
Following a conceptual design proposal submitted along with 140+ applicants, Tekuma Frenchman was selected with 6 firms to pursue a masterplan for Shenzhen New Marine City, the future flagship of Shenzhen representing its Blue Economy. It was awarded the 1st prize by a jury of international experts and local planning authorities. The proposal “Ocean Edge, Return of the Mangroves” and its implementation is underway with Tekuma Frenchman advising the local planning institute.

Unique Solutions

  • Proposed an intelligent R&D corridor strategically locating in direct contact on-site light industry manufacturers, global distributors with the airport, the harbor, and the convention center where they can readily showcase their new products.
  • Provided a multi-level street network connected to the underground metro system which separated BRT, freight and logistics vehicles from pedestrians through an elevated central spine, and a peripheral ring which naturally slopes towards the water.
  • Designed a 21st century ocean living edge which integrated flood prevention strategies to a mangrove revival plan. This enables the revitalization of the coastal ecology while promoting safe development of the shore.