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Year: 2019
Location: Shenzhen, China
Collaboration: Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen and the Pearl River Hydraulic Research Institute
Award: Second Prize – Urban Design Competition


Detailed planning for a comprehensive coastal tourism resort on a land area of 157 hectares which includes 141 hectares of sea and 16 hectares of coastal land construction area. The overall research planning includes the surrounding coastal resorts for a total of 383 hectares.

Unique Solutions

  • Designed an immersive land and water experience that engages the mountains, coast and the sea. The scheme integrates a pier and modular floating infrastructure which anchors to the coast and contributes to the cleaning of the bay while allowing users to have a true encounter with the water and explore its hidden habitats.
  • Provided a comprehensive plan and vision for the next 100 years where the development is first planted along the coast and includes reef and coral planting to enhance the rich marine ecosystem of the bay. The plan envisions a future where people will live on the water, in perfect symbiosis with nature. Xiaomeisha becomes a demonstration area for this ambitious pursuit.
  • Inspired by the coral communities that live within the bay, the plan proposes a series of strategies from controlling motorized boat access along a new marina layout, to advocating for light and floating structures which minimize the impact on the marine habitat and to use the development as a green infrastructure to support their growth.