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Tekuma Frenchman is a multidisciplinary urban design and innovation firm, defining the future of urbanism through original perspectives, shaped by the intelligence and expertise of some of the most visionary minds from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and across the industry.

To date, we have designed over 40 cities around the world, working closely with governments, policy-makers, city planners and developers to formulate a practical, technology-astute vision for the future.

Underpinning everything that we do is the dedication to create greater value for all of mankind, by designing transformative urban destinations that are productive, positive and prosperous for all.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Innovation
  • Accelerator

TF | Strategy

We draw on decades of experience in the art and science of city-making, cutting-edge technology and urban analytics to create clear and actionable strategies for transforming regions, cities and places.

  • +Trend analysis & application
  • + Spatial & digital strategy
  • +Financial strategy

TF | Design

We cross the inherent attributes of a place with its future potentials by taking a holistic approach to design, formulating functional development solutions that are aesthetically beautiful, digitally enabled, and culturally sensitive.

  • + Master planning
  • + Architectural design
  • + Project management

TF | Innovation

By collaborating with thinkers and creators from leading urban research institutions, including MIT and Harvard, the Innovation Lab propels urban design into the future, transforming its potential.

  • + Research & development
  • + Product innovation – Technology
  • + Core design evolution

TF | Accelerator

This hub focuses on bringing new urban development products, processes, and organizations into being by partnering with academic entrepreneurs and start-up companies, facilitated by our deep expertise.

  • + Business & idea incubator
  • + Co-creation
  • + Investment & advisory


  • Innovative urban concepts, initiatives and strategies
  • Strategic urban positioning narratives
  • Benchmarking and workshop support

Design Masterplan

  • Conceptual masterplan
  • 2D/3D visualization
  • Land-use plan
  • Mobility and transportation
  • Ecology
  • Landscaping
  • Digital
  • Cultural
  • Urban Design Guidelines

Advisory & Support

  • Workshop advisory role
  • Review of existing masterplans
  • Integration of innovative solutions to support masterplans

We are an engine for accelerating urban innovation powered by a group of
technologists, futurists and designers.

  • MIT Center for Real Estate
  • MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab

MIT Centre for Real Estate

Founded in 1983, the MIT Centre for Real Estate is uniquely positioned to help the real estate industry increase its efficiency, prosperity, and social responsibility. Through research and education initiatives, MIT/CRE develops innovations to help practitioners build responsibly and profitably.

MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab

This research and development laboratory for the built environment measures the financial and economic performance of innovation in real estate, design and planning.

For 40 years, Prof. Dennis Frenchman has taught and practiced across Asia, Europe South America and the USA. Currently Director of the MIT Center for Real Estate, and former head of the City Design and Development Program, his illustrious career has also seen him act as External Advisor on urban livability to the President of the World Bank.

Frenchman’s award-winning work focuses on the making and transformation of cities through digital design and the development of 21st century industry clusters. Widely-known in the field of urban design, his publications include Technological Imagination and the Historic City (2008, Ligouri, with William J. Mitchell, et al), he has also been recognized by Progressive Architecture, the American Institute of Architects, and awarded three citations from the American Planning Association for the most outstanding projects in the USA.

Hailing from Beijing, Kun Qian holds a Master of Architecture and Real Estate from MIT and is also former Chairman of MIT China Real Estate Innovation Forum. Qian is an entrepreneur and urban strategist, guides the practice through his rich academic and professional experience, while also leading all China-related projects.

Marwan Aboudib is lead partner in the Middle East. With dual Master’s degrees in architecture and real estate development from MIT; His interest lies at the intersection of culture, technology and cities. Marwan was recognized as one of 10 innovators under the age of 35 by MITTechnology Review and a Forbes 30 under 30 for his work on smart cities. He also is a featured speaker having collaborated with McKinsey, BCG and the United Nations on the topic of future cities in the digital era.

Originally from French Canada, Naomi Hébert has a Bachelor and Master of Architecture degree from McGill University. In the USA, Naomi worked for an innovation-lead real estate and design studio based in Cambridge, MA., and for Mapdwell, another MIT startup that built the world’s leading platform for solar rooftop mapping. Prior to Boston, Naomi worked at SOM in New York, and Kengo Kuma in Paris. She currently oversees design and production across all projects at Tekuma Frenchman.

With an acute sense of detail and unmatched design sensibilities, Mr Jun directs the visual content developed by Tekuma Frenchman. Prior, he established a design and rendering studio with clients in Europe and in North America. He also for NFOE, Group Architex, Built by Associative Data. He was involved in large scale projects such as Jinan North Masterplan, KAEC Aggregate, Fili Park Development in Moscow.

Mr Jun received his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Architecture from McGill University in 2010 and 2014. He continued his study in IAAC Barcelona, Spain after graduation and received his master degree in 2015.

Dana is a project and design manager at Tekuma Frenchman while continuing her investigative work as a research associate at Harvard University. Dana completed her bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the American University of Sharjah and worked in Dubai for 3 years at X-Architects and HDR-CUH2A before attending the Harvard Graduate School of Design for her master’s degree. At Harvard, Dana completed a dual degree in Urban Design and Design Studies in Urbanism Landscape and Ecology. There she also worked as a research associate for the Aga Khan Program at the Graduate School of Design and for the Harvard Mellon Initiative for Urbanism in the Humanities.

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